For those unaware (how could you be?!), Jennifer Garner is my favorite actress. She sucked me in with her performance on Alias and I’ve been a fan ever since. So when I found out she would be making an appearance in “Cyrano de Bergerac” on broadway, I had to get tickets.

For the first time EVER, I was able to score close seats using the Ticketmaster website, mainly as a result of using an AMEX presale code. Our seats were located in orchestra row D, so needless to say, we were up close and personal with the performers.

This past friday we attended Cyrano on a rainy, and I mean rainy, night in NYC. I couldn’t believe how close our seats were, exactly 4 rows from the front of the stage. Overall, the show was great. A really solid cast with Kevin Kline playing the role of Cyrano. He was amazing! Jennifer was a pleasure and it was interesting to see her in a live atmosphere for once. Her strength was her comedic presence, she knew exactly how to deliver the punchline and pause just long enough for the audience to react. Definitely a change from seeing her in her usual dramatic/high impact roles. But that was only the beginning.

Dina’s friend, Arlene, works in the show’s production department as a stage hand. After the show, she invited us all backstage for a tour. There was no guarantee we’d meet any of the cast members, but just the mere possibility was exciting. We got to enter through the stage door, which was a first and a highlight for me.

After seeing the props/dressing room and speaking with a few of the cast members, Arelene gave us a tour of the stage. Definitely a cool perspective to stand on the stage and look out into the audience as a performer would do. At that exact moment, a woman with her hair pulled back in a bun started walking across the stage towards us. Her head was down so it was hard to make out who she was, but her features were very familiar. All of a sudden, it hit me. It was JENNIFER.

The group of us (about 5 people) all, in unison, turned towards Jennifer and immediately started waving at her in awe. Seriously, we did not plan that reaction, it just happened. Jen looked up, smiled, and waved back. Following close behind her was her sister and other family members, but no Ben and Violet.

My heart raced, I thought Jen might come over and speak to us, but none of us took initiative to call her over. As I said, Dina’s friend was doing us a favor by allowing us to check the place out — and we really didn’t want to get her in trouble. So that was my big moment with Jen, at least so I thought.

After that, Arelene went to get her coat and we left through the stage door again. As we exited, I noticed the black Suburban, which was there when we entered, was still sitting idle. I looked around and noticed Jennifer is standing right next to me signing autographs for all the fans waiting behind the barricades.

As to not upset any of the security guards, I hustled around the barricades, and hoped for a JG autograph ( still in the pouring rain mind you). Jen went down the line and signed each playbill regardless of the rain and even posed for pictures on request. I was too frazzled to ask for a picture with her, but she did sign my playbill and I was able to snap a shot of her in the process.

Gotta love a celeb who is willing to please her fans, even in the pouring rain, by simply signing a few autographs. So I’ve finally had my brush with JG and it was well worth it. Definitely a night to remember.

Here’s Jen signing my playbill:


One response to “JG, JG, JG, JG!

  1. The thought of 5 people suddenly looking up in awe and waving in unison sounds cute.
    I was grinning the while time I read this entry. I’m so glad you got to meet Jen in person!

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