Holy Inflation, Batman!

Out of boredom, mostly due to the fact that my company is still open at 2p on Thanksgiving Eve, I decided to surf the Ticketmaster website. Randomly searched on a few artists I enjoy, just to see when/where they might be playing in the near future.

Among the artists searched was Alicia Keys. Yes, I’m still on my Alicia high since her performance on AMA’s — and now after today’s news that her cd As I Am has debuted on the charts at #1 with over 740k sold.

Wait, back to ticket searching. So my query yielded 2 results and one happens to be z100’s Jingle Ball. I’m not sure when Z100 Jingle Ball started, though I’m pretty sure I attended one of the first Jingle Ball concerts (ever?) back in ’95 or ’96. That particular year, Jingle Ball was dubbed as “Girls Rule the Yule” where all artists performing were female singers — No Doubt, Sheryl Crow, Tracy Chapman, Jewel, Sarah McLaughlin, just to name a few. It was amazing…

The concert started at 7 and ended well after 11p and back then I paid (ok, my parents paid) no more than $100/ticket. And we had damn good seats. Do you have any idea what the going rate for a seat to this year’s Jingle Ball is? Going rate as in you’re lucky enough to snag one on Ticketmaster rather than through scalper…

$235. For $235 you can have a floor seat to Jingle Ball. For a mere $210 you can be seated anywhere above floor level. RIDICULOUS. What’s even more ridiculous? They’ve just put “worst seats in the house” tickets on sale. So for $40 (not including surcharge), you can sit in MSG and hear the concert, but not see it.

And people are buying them. Talk about inflation man!

So this year’s concert bill includes: Alicia Keys, Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Fall Out Boy, Avril Lavigne, and others. Maybe my cynicism is a result of my age increasing, but paying $235 ourtright to see the likes of Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus is not even remotely appealing. Hell, even if Jingle Ball had the original line up I saw back in ’96, well established artists now, I still doubt I’d drop $235 on a concert.

Who do I really feel bad for? The parents! How can a family even remotely afford to take their kids to a concert these days? Man, a family of four would have to take out a small loan just to attend Jingle Ball!

Sad. Very sad.


3 responses to “Holy Inflation, Batman!

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  2. Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana is hot stuff, man. Does she even sing live at her concerts?
    And is there seriously a “worst seats in the house” seating area? I find that extremely funny.

  3. I’d imagine she sings — I am just disturbed by the fact that she sounds like a 40 yr old woman and is like 14.. There REALLY are “worst seats in the house” tix. I kid you not. They’re all the seats that are behind the stage, which normally a venue won’t see because of obstructed view, but they’re selling them and people are buying them!

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