It’s Officially Christmas

Every year I try to see how long I can go before admitting it’s Christmas time. Given my hatred strong dislike for the holiday season, I can typically ignore the signs up until the last week. But not this year. It’s only December 3rd and I’m forced to admit Christmas time is here.

What brought me to this horrible realization?

See below:

1. I’m sick for the first time all year. (exclusion of random aches/pains)

2. A friend sent me his Christmas “wish list” via (amazing!)

3. Heard Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” song 4x this weekend

4. Mikey’s mom threw a dinner party, used her “Christmas” china, and the house was fully decked out. (see image below)

5. My mom busted out her most obnoxious Christmas decorations imaginable, including a clock that plays xmas music on the hour. (images to follow at some point)

6. Woke up to snow on Sunday

7. Boss treated me to coffee twice already today.




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