Janet, Miss Jackson…

You knew it was coming. There’s been chatter, there’s been rumors, but now there’s proof.Janet, Miss Jackson (cuz I’m nasty), is back and back with a vengeance.janetposecrop.jpgLast night, Mike alerted me to the fact that Janet’s new single “Feedback” leaked on radio and online. He simply said “it’s really catchy….”Catchy? We like catchy. See, it’s been a rough few years for us Janet fans. As a result of the Super Bowl fiasco, Miss Jackson has been the recipient of extreme backlash, meanwhile her accomplice, Justin Timberlake, has gone on to become one of the top selling male artists. I digress.

This isn’t a blog to verbally slap Justin Timberlake like the bitch he is. Rather, it’s to celebrate Janet’s re-emergence into the music scene. I’m a Roundtabler, a dedicated member, and there’s a catch phrase we use to sum up what we’re all about “real-talk.”So here it is, real talk. I’ve been a Janet fan since as far back as I can remember. The first cassette tape, yes I said cassette, I purchased was “Rhythm Nation.” When music moved to CD format, the first one I purchased was “Janet.” I’ve been to concerts, I’ve bought memorabilia you can’t even think of, posters, pins, shirts, books, you name it — including vinyls (records to you youngsters out there).

Now, at the age of 26 I’m still just as excited (if not more) when new Janet music is released. Real talk, Miss Jackson has slipped off since “All For You.” “Damita Jo” and “20 YO” were not Janet Jackson caliber albums, though not nearly as bad as critics made them out to be. To put it plainly, they were stale. As a Janet fan, that was NOT how you wanted to see your idol go out, but each day I had to prepare myself for the inevitable, that maybe she would not return.

No longer. She’s back. When I say back, I mean BACK!The new single “Feedback” is absolutely in touch with today’s sound. It’s a club beat, a hard club beat made for dancing. If it wasn’t snowing right now, I’d bet the track would be blasting from every other car with the windows down. Radio is eating it up — bloggers are eating it up. MTV where you at?!Janet is a pop music icon. You kids out there. You like Beyonce? You like Britney? You like Rhianna? You like whatever flavor o’ the month that comes through? Well, you have Miss Jackson to THANK for that. She may not be the best vocalist out there, but she forever changed the game of music performers. At 41 she still dances harder than any of those kids out there — and I’m hopeful that the new cd (out Feb 26th?) will help restore some of the luster lost post Super Bowl.Listen here:


2 responses to “Janet, Miss Jackson…

  1. Really? I thought Damita Jo was better than All For You.

  2. floacist, hm… you think? “All For You” is a more complete album to me. “Damita Jo” tends to fall off after “Like You Don’t Love Me” — but also I feel like overall it was half baked. “My Baby” and “Strawberry Bounce” showed potential, but never really met it. But then again it could be because Janet toured behind “All For You” so I became attached to more singles off it — whereas “Damita Jo” never had that opportunity. I do LOVE “R&B Junkie” and “All Nite” dance routine was hot.

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