Texts for fun…

I’m not feeling very creative on this Monday morning, but really wanted to write something. So I’ve decided to share some text messages I received from my friends this weekend. I’ve written about how funny I find my friends, especially via text, so here’s your chance to experience it for yourself. These aren’t as random as usual, as these tend to fall into one of two categories “The Hills” references or “Janet Jackson.” I guess it was a slow weekend, but I’ve even date/time stamped them, to show that they come in at all times of the day and night.

“@ don antonios & sitting in front of SPEIDI.” – EddieBobby, Friday 11:31p.

“So I was in a gay bar for 2 hours tonight. Heard “Feedback” 3x. The gays love it. I know how you’re feeling. Went through it with Mariah.” – Mike @12:18 a on Friday.

“I’m staying at the HardRock. SO much Janet memorabilia. Her rhythm nation outfit, gold records, etc. It makes me think of you :)” – Mike @ 4:45p on Saturday

“And when I walked into the hotel to check in “Southside” by Moby and Gwen was playing. Haha! It’s a sign!.” – Mike @ 4:48p on Saturday.

“Just spotted Elodie @ Nordstrom’s! Maybe I will see Lauren next!” – EddieBobby @ 6:10p on Saturday

“I’m at KETCHUP. No one has sent drinks to my table so I guess SPEIDI is not here. I also have an urge to say: maybe they’re back into the movie making action” – EddieBobby @ 9:27p on Saturday.

“TRASHED!!!!” – JonnyIce @ 6:14p on Sunday.


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