My ’07 Wrap Up…

So ’07 started out with a bang, literally a race gun that signaled the start of a new year. My friends and I ran in the New York Road Runners New Years Eve Race, a four-mile run around Central Park at the stroke of midnight. Pretty random, but we were looking to do something on New Year’s Eve that didn’t involve drunken debauchery for once and what better way to ring in the new year than with thousands (really, thousands) of strangers in running tights and funny hats. Along the race route were both water stations, champagne stations (more like sparkling cider) and rowdy New Yorkers cheering us on. Check out Sean indulging in some pre-race motivation. At the end of the race, we took a picture with the Emerald Nuts mascot. By far, one of my favorite New Year’s celebrations ever.

Aside from NYE, ’07 was a pretty interesting year to say the least. I traveled a lot, worked hard, had some minor setbacks, met a ton of new people, and even plunged into the world of blogging.

As much as I complain about my job (don’t we all?), I really don’t hate it. I dislike certain things about the particular environment I’m in, but more often than not I do enjoy my work. I’ve been fortunate so far, in my short career, to work with intelligent clients who truly get what it is that PR people do. They’re nice, they’re respectful, demanding of course, but they have the right to be. As a result, I’ve been able to make some great contacts, learn about new technologies, and travel to places I probably would never visit. It’s been fun and challenging along the way, but I can’t help but question is there more that I can be doing. See when you work at a small firm with lots to accomplish and little help, you get burnt out — bogged down by just completing tasks rather than truly engaging in them. That’s when my interest in social media really sparked.

I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of a young Aussie PR guru, Paull Young, through his blog. Paull is wise beyond his years and is quite possibly one of the nicest people I’ve ever encountered. Through our friendship and the help of some social media sites, I’ve been able to connect with other folks with similar interests. (Hi to Amy, Mike, Jeremy, Pesey, Chase, Constantin, Abraham, Kait, Sandy, Stephen, Doug H., Ed, David P., Michael A., and anyone I forgot…). I also attended my first networking event in NYC, Social Media Breakfast, sponsored by Converseon and Aaron Uhrmacher’s company Text100.

Conversing with these folks on a daily basis inspired me to finally create my own blog, which you’re obviously reading right now, as well create The Round Table, a music blog, with a group of friends (shouts to Trop, AP, Opaul, Rodeo and fave commentor Big Mike). See, I’ve always liked discussing topics, sharing opinions with friends, meeting new people, and of course writing. Social media has enabled me to do all these things at once without having to physically be in a million places at the same time. Though I’d take meeting up with friends over emailing with them any day, it’s nice to have options.

Aside from all the social media stuff, I also had some great times with all my long-time buddies (Hi to, Opal, D, Jonny Ice, Nic, Liz, Sean, Mike, Eddie, Mikey, PMillah). Some highlights: concerts (lots of concerts!), vacations, chats over coffee, attended Hip Hop Honors, movies, long/short runs, made a friend in Costa Rica (Hi, Alejandro!), dinners, randomness. You name it, we did it and then some. Oh yeah, and I met Jennifer Garner and became enamored with Fiona Apple (blame Mike and Eddie!).

Overall ’07 was kind to me, but I’m looking forward to ’08.


4 responses to “My ’07 Wrap Up…

  1. Sounds like ’07 was tops Jackie , I’m sure many wish they had as good a year. I had no idea you did the NYE run – sounds tops!

    Here’s to a bigger and better ’08! You’ve long been of the better followers and commentors at my blog, it’s great to see you finding your voice here and on Twitter!

    Ps: how did “It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time!” not make the highlight reel? 😉

  2. Youngie: All thanks to you!

  3. Jackie…fun to know you also…I guess we owe P.Young a drink or something. 🙂

    Here’s to a sickening cool ’08. Cheers…

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