Las Vegas / CES Bound…

Tomorrow afternoon I’m heading out to the Consumer Electronics Show aka CES 2008 in Las Vegas. If you’re unfamiliar, CES is a massive trade show held each January sponsored by the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association). Pretty much, it’s a gathering of all your major techno-freaks, geeks and nerds under one roof. Among all the hoopla — numerous CE products/technologies are introduced, but that’s usually overshadowed by some celebrity appearance or even worse (for the CEA) Steve Jobs and his MacWorld rumors….
It’s my first time attending CES, so I’m excited, except I don’t know how much of the “show” I’ll actually be able to take in. Most likely, I’ll be chained to my clients’ booths. Rockin’. Tried to score a ticket to the Mary J Blige concert, but failed miserably….

As my client says, “irregardless,” it should be an experience. Hope to have a wrap up and pics to post after the show. Probably won’t be updating too much from Vegas as I’m undecided on whether I’m bringing Spuds (my macbook) on the trip.

So if you’re heading out to CES or even Las Vegas area give me a shout.

PS — If any readers can get me into the MJB concert — I’d be grateful. 🙂


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