One Song Glory…

Last night checked out Adam Pascal perform accompanied by Larry Edoff at the Emelin Theater. Adam is best known for his role as Roger from the original Broadway cast of RENT. Following his role in RENT, Adam went on to play the role of Ramades in Tim Rice and Elton John’s AIDA.

I’ve been a fan of Adam’s voice for years, but this was the first opportunity to see him away from the Broadway lights. Although I do own his first solo CD, I have to admit, I’ve never really listened to it closely.

See, Adam has that big Broadway voice. Vocally his range is remarkable and can hit the low notes with just as much ease as his signature highs.

Last night Adam bounced from a trio of guitars (acoustic, electric and bass) as Larry stayed hinged to a piano. They played a several songs off Adam’s solo discs, but also mixed in some newer songs that will appear on their upcoming album.

Adam was charismatic and charming and showed a bit of a devious sense of humor as he bantered with the crowd in between songs. What some of his solo stuff lacked in lyrical content and originality, Adam was sure to make up for it with his vocal precision.

But where he truly shined was when he returned to his Broadway roots and performed “Maybe This Time” from Cabaret backed by only a piano. Then during his encore he performed “One Song Glory” from RENT. Be sure to check out the video below as well as other photos from the performance here.

Adam singing “One Song Glory”:


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