We ALL Should Go To Rehab…

**The recent events of Britney Mania, Lilo, Winehouse, paparazzi, etc. hasn’t sat well with me. The coverage of Heath Ledger’s untimely death really put me over the edge when it comes to gossip consumption. I’ve been tossing around ideas for post on this for a while now — and have briefly touch upon it here, but still didn’t do it justice.

I don’t want this to come off as preaching from a soapbox because I am also guilty of getting caught up in the gossip world. I read all the sites at least once a day, but something REALLY needs to be done. It’s completely out of control at this point — and there’s no end in sight.

Below is a post written by my good friend Mike, a fellow celeb lover. Over the years Mike and I have had some amazing conversations about celebs, mainly out of respect for a certain artist’s work or music, etc., but I’d be lying if I said we never chatted about rumors. What Mike and I haven’t discussed is our recent hatred for what the media world has become as a result of the gossip frenzy. So when I woke up this morning to see this post, it struck me. I decided to re-post Mike’s original blog here (with his permission of course!).

We ALL Need To Go To Rehab…

…for our obsession with everything celebrity.

Today has confirmed it for me.

It often takes seeing such ugly sights and hearing such disturbing comments to make you realize what an enourmously heartless world we live in.

Heath Ledger is dead.
By now everyone knows.
I know. You know. Your grandmother knows. My great Aunt who had a stroke last summer knows.
We ALL know.

Do you know who else knows? Heath’s family and friends.
Do you know how they know? A phone call from a member of the NYPD?
Hospital Staff?

They know because it’s splashed ALL over the internet, on CNN, on MSNBC, on gossip blogs, text messages, IM’s, emails and other insincere ways one could find out such devastating news.

In these fast paced ADD times, where breaking the story is more important than the repercussions it will cause a person, it’s moments like this that make me wish we all didn’t care so f*cking much.

Imagine hearing your best friend has just been found dead…on a gossip blog…filled with comments ranging from “that sucks” to “oh well, he shouldn’t have done drugs”.

Imagine the range of emotions you would feel as you dealt with the shock and pain of losing a loved one to the rage you would feel about someone so carelessly insulting the deceased.

That’s how I’m sure 90% of Heath’s family feels.

Now, what makes this new celeb-obsessed culture even more disturbing is that breaking a story isn’t enough. No. Now we are subjected to images of a BODY BAG being brought out of the Apartment building which once housed a talented Actor.

The scene was chaotic. Cameras flashing, crowds gathering, people screaming as a lifeless corpse is brought to one of its final resting places.

And how ironic that even in death, there is still no peace…

The scene is repeated over and over and over again, much as it was with Anna Nicole Smith almost one year ago to the day.

And it’s only getting worse.

TMZ has a video of Lindsay Lohan, a close friend of Heath’s getting in to her car. As she enters, a papparazzi yells “Hey Lindsay! Heath’s Dead! Do you have a comment?”
Lindsay puts her head down as the cameras flash and the car door closes.

I will say for the first time what class Lindsay Lohan has. That photographer’s larynx would be in my right hand, as my left shoved my thumb through his eye socket.

Imagine for one second if someone said that remark to you HOURS after a close friend had passed.

It’s days like today where we can look back and reflect on some of the bullshit and ramifications our obsession with these people causes.

Because for every 10 Paris Hilton dumb moments, there is a Heath Ledger body bag picture.

And how sad that for most people, when Heath comes in to their mind, they won’t think of the legacy he has left behind, the future projects he might have accomplished, or the achievements he could have had.

No, instead our first thought will be images of a black body bag being rolled on to an ambulance.

Maybe soon he really will be able to finally Rest in Peace.


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