Snowboarding Hurts, Survived Death and more..

So I’m back from a nice weekend getaway to Killington, Vermont. A bunch of friends and I headed out late friday afternoon (yes, in the torrential rain) for a snowboarding trip. Thanks to Mike Denton, we had a killer log cabin close to the mountain.

A 7 hour trek from NYC to Killington included lots of rain, tiny glasses of water, some near fatal driving conditions, a sing along to “A Whole New World,” an elephant enima, and sketchy VT paramedics, who not only told us the wrong directions, but stole our original directions leaving us for dead.

After meeting up with the rest of the group and settling into the cabin, we launched into a series of great conversations that sustained the entire weekend — never mind the fact that it was 4a and we needed to hit the mountain by 9a.

Found out quickly that snowboarding is not my thing and I don’t like balancing on icy slopes. However, I did get a pretty kick-ass sleigh ride from one of the mountain emergency helpers (dont ask!).

As Toby pointed out, it’s amazing how little time we spent actually doing the thing we planned on doing (snowboarding). Rather, what really made the trip was the friendships, the stories, having fun, and the journey getting to/from VT. Thanks to Denton, Youngie, Btom,Pesey, Chase Edge, Toby, Christie, and Mischa for making it a memorable one. Special thanks to Youngie’s iphone for coming through in the clutch and Death for not claiming lives.

Props to Bryce Tom for taking this and rest of pics:



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