Destination Discipline: Janet Jackson in NYC

Alright, so I’ve been quiet for a bit, but I have good reason. Had to have a minor (though they call it “major abdominal”) surgery a few weeks back. Nothing to worry about (I think) just had to remove one of those necessary, yet unnecessary, organs from the body.

Surgery was 2/13 with a one night stay in the hospital. The good part of having it on the 13th was that I put it in my mind that I needed to be completely healed by the 26th, almost 2 weeks after. Why the 26th? Well, it was Janet Jackson “Discipline Day” of course.

Janet’s gotten some love on this blog and rightly so as I adore her. Yesterday, Miss Jackson “took over” Times Square for a series of performances and appearances. I managed to muster up the energy to attend almost all of them.

The morning started early with a 4:30am wake up call. Had to be at Good Morning America for 6:15 to see Janet up close and personal. Mike joined me in the escapade and we scored a spot in the front row.


Janet was amazing as usual. She performed 3 songs (Feedback, That’s The Way Love Goes, Rock With You) to a very amped crowd. GMA hosts attempted to interview Miss J, but given the rowdiness of the crowd, I have no idea what was said.

After GMA it was off to breakfast with Mike where I marveled at the pictures we took. Then we hit Best Buy to purchase Miss J’s album (of course!) while I waited to see her at MTV’s TRL.

Though I’m way out of the TRL demographic and had to call in a special favor to get admitted to the show (age cutoff is 24!), it was well worth it. Janet hasn’t been on TRL since the “All For You” tour, almost 6 years ago. Then the whole Superbowl debacle (an MTV sponsored event) went down and MTV completely turned their back on the popstar. So it’s been fantastic (as a fan) to see MTV and Janet make nice and get back to helping each other. Janet is also an MTV featured artist of the month, which is a great promotional tool.

The TRL performance was sick. The crowd was amped for Janet and she definitely fed off that energy. As always “the kids” (Janet’s dancers) killed it – especially Gil (what up?!). Connie aka Trop had a great moment with Miss J — Janet came over to the side of the stage and the two danced. I swear. Wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t witness it with my own eyes, but I’m thinking we need to arrange a full on dance off.

After TRL I headed back home, exhausted mind you. It was a very tiring day, especially not really being completely “healed”, but it was well worth it. Thanks to everyone who called in favors for me — I’ll never forget it!

Check out more Janet pics here.


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  3. thanks much, brother

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