Oprah Speaks, You Listen (Again!)….

Ok, so we all know Oprah is a powerful lady, but seriously folks this is just insane. It’s common knowledge that if the big O gives you a thumbs up (especially if you’re a singer), you’re on you way to stardom (see: John Legend, Robin Thicke…).

Now, in no way do I mean to undermine either John Legend’s or Robin Thicke’s talent, because they are solid musicians and performers, but truth be told they went on to sell millions (especially Mr. Thicke) so quickly because of Oprah’s endorsement.

She praised their talent, their good looks, and their personalities, booked them on her show more than once and all her adoring followers (drones?) made mama proud and went out purchased their albums.

Today, Oprah had Simon Cowell, Mr. American Idol, on her show to introduce Leona Lewis, the 2006 winner of X Factor (UK’s version of Idol) and next “Mariah Carey/Whitney Houston/Celine). Leona’s debut album is already a huge hit in the UK and we’re just getting a taste of her in the U.S. as her single “Bleeding Love” has recently hit airwaves.

Leona is now sitting pretty at the #1 spot on iTunes singles chart just 6 hours and 30 mins after appearing on Oprah today. That’s pretty phenomenal. Just another example of the power of Oprah.

Leona’s album will be available in the U.S. come early April. I’m pretty certain today’s appearance just solidified a #1 debut for Leona here in the US.

You can watch today’s performance here.


3 responses to “Oprah Speaks, You Listen (Again!)….

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  2. Robin Thicke had already sold over a million copies of his cd by the time he appeared on Oprah. It was more publicity for him, but Oprah’s endorsement was after the fact. His cd sold due to word of mouth and radio airplay of his song Lost Without You which was #1 on the r & b charts for 16 weeks beginning in January of 2007 which was three months prior to him coming on her show.

  3. V – I stand corrected, thanks for your thoughts. 🙂

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