Song Lyric of the Day…

Music is a big part of my life and I’m surrounded by it. I’m constantly listening to music either on an ipod, computer, tv, radio, or any other type of player. When I’m not listening to music then I’m talking about it. If I’m not talking about it, then you better believe there’s some song stuck on repeat in my brain playing over and over.

I realized I don’t write about music much on this blog — probably because I save that for the Roundtable blog, but I decided I wanted to incorporate music on here somehow. After all, this blog is titled after a song lyric. Each day I’ll put a “Song Lyrics of the Day” post up, which will be lyrics of a song that I’m currently listening to or is just stuck in my head for no reason.

Today’s lyric is from Sara Bareilles “Bottle It Up.” Enjoy!

“…started as a flicker meant to be a flame

skin has gotten thicker, but it burns the same

still a baby in a cradle got to take my first fall

baby’s getting next to nowhere with her back against the wall…”



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