New Job + Familiar Location = Amnesia…

Three weeks ago I started a new job here in Manhattan. I’m not really up on company blogging rules (I probably should look into those…), so for the time being I’ll refrain from using the company’s name. My office is located around Midtown east, which is a very sweet location being a convienient walk to and from Grand Central. My only gripe about the location: familiar, yet unfamiliar faces.

See, not too long ago (almost 3 years) I worked at another company in the same location as my current company. The old company is approximately 3 blocks south of here, which is great because I still keep in touch with all my old colleagues, so meeting up after work is simple.

I’m realizing being the “new kid” at a large company is tough. There’s just too many people to meet and it’s hard keeping everyone’s name and face organized in my brain. Typically, I don’t struggle placing names with faces, but lately, I do. Part of it has to do with being a bit older so the brain isn’t working as quickly as it once used to (just kidding…). But then I have to factor in the unique element of having worked in this area before, which I never gave much thought to until today.

Lately, I haven’t been taking a lunch, but today I just needed to escape my office for a few mintues. I decided to walk a little “loop” around the office and headed south a bit. As to not wander too far, I cut back across one of the side streets and noticed a familiar face. Yup, I’ve seen him before, but where? Then it came to me, we worked together at my previous company, but what was his name? I couldn’t remember for the life of me. He didn’t really notice me, so rather than get into awkward conversation, I decided to keep on walking.

Maybe 50 feet later, I spotted another familiar face. This time, he did notice me. We had that awkward eye contact while approaching thing going on. You know, where you realize from a distance you know each other, but aren’t quite close enough to say “hi” yet. Eye contact stayed locked and as we drew near, he nodded and I said “hi.” Problem is, I have no clue WHO he is. I don’t know his name. I’m not sure if I worked with him and my past company or at my current company. Maybe neither, maybe we take the train together? Completely puzzled, I hustled back to the office. Two confusing run-ins were more than enough to make my brain hurt.

So to anyone I may have walked passed today between 12:35-1p, I apologize for not recognizing you! It wasn’t intentional. I have a touch of amnesia or maybe I’m just getting old.



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