I’m Back and So Is Janet…

Janet\'s \

Stepped off the plane Saturday evening to a brisk 65 degrees, but thankfully the sun was shining strong. It’s taking a lot longer to get re-adjusted to NYC “spring” (more like fall) temperatures after being in Mexico for a week. The average temperature all week in Playa del Carmen was 95 degrees and sunny, top that!

Yesterday didn’t start off too promising as I opened my work email to find over 250 messages. Yes, 250. That’s a bitch load of email considering I did check email twice while on vacation. Nonetheless, I’m all caught up now.

However, the big news of the day came around 4pm when Janet, ehem, Miss Jackson took the stage on the Ellen Degeneres show. It was billed as a “major announcement,” which could only mean one of two things. Either Miss J finally married JD OR she was going to tour for the first time in seven years. Thankfully, it was the latter — no disrespect JD, I love you, but I NEED a damn Janet tour.

Janet opened the show with her classic “Rhythm Nation.” That dance is iconic — seriously. Followed by a brief interview with Ellen where they talked about the usual stuff, JD, love, marriage, the support of the gay community, etc. Then of course came the big tour announcement.

Miss Janet, ok her marketing team, has set up a phone number where Janet will record messages to her fans. Fans can also leave Janet (or her marketing team) messages requesting what songs they’d like to see her perform. Yes, I did call already — twice. Tour kicks off Sept 10th, tickets to go on sale some time in June. Ticketmaster, please be kind to me. I NEED to see Janet one last time.

After giving the entire studio audience two tickets to an upcoming tour date (damn it!), Janet performed the new single “Luv.” Is it redundant to say that I love “Luv?” Cause I do. (Creepy, it just started playing on my iPod). “Luv” is catchy as hell. It’s an extended automotive metaphor (“He hit me with his love/Got me caught in a wreck/I’m a mess”) with a serious thumping beat that becomes infectious as Janet bounces her vocals over the refrain “luv, luv, luv, luv.”

Check the performance videos:



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