Janet’s Fanclub Upgraded Me…

So, my little ol’ blog is becoming a straight up Janet Jackson blog site, which was never my intention. But…I’d imagine if you’ve been following along then it’s no surpise that I’m a huge Janet fan. The last week has been stressful, gearing up for presales for her upcoming (October) concerts in the area. Presales are all out wars to me with weeks of planning.

I put calls out to all my friends and we try to locate as many presale codes as possible, then strategize who will handle which code. There’s conference calls, email chains, and naturally IMs. Really, it’s that serious.

Over the last few years “fanclub” memberships have become the norm. Artists will charge fans for “exclusive access” to content, community benefits, and of course, first dibs at tickets. Janet’s team finally organized an official fanclub that recently launched with her tour announcement. Naturally, I’ll take any advantage I can get and spent the $29.99 to join.

Well, yesterday that $29.99 became the best money I’ve ever spent in relation to my music obession. See, the community moderators posted a note saying the fanclub will have a random drawing and upgrade one lucky fan’s tickets to the front row.

Yesterday, I got the call (2 calls, actually, since I missed the first) and 2 emails stating that I am “the lucky fan.” Absolutely amazing. Dare I be cliche and say, really, I never win ANYTHING. So, if this is the only thing I win my entire life, then I won’t complain.

Come October 17th, it’s me, Opal, Mike and Janet face to face, front row. Discipline style.

Check out my girl singing “That’s The Way Love Goes” at GMA (captured by me).

Thanks Janet Fanclub!


One response to “Janet’s Fanclub Upgraded Me…

  1. That is effin SWEET! Congrats! And welcome to 20SB!

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