A Bit Squirrely…

Well, it is Friday the 13th after all, so maybe this news isn’t so crazy. So, I’m minding my business at work this morning when my phone rings. I knew it was my mom immediately thanks to this brilliant invention: CallerID. So, I pick up the phone and mom starts cracking up instantly…um…ok.

“You’re never going to believe this…” mom says.

“Ok…shoot,” I respond.

“So, your brother has a squirrel stuck in his car. Like, behind the dashboard. The squirrel must have crawled through the opening underneath the car and got stuck. Your brother had no idea, he got paged at work that he needed to report to the parking lot immediately,” she continues.

“Wait… what?!” I ask.

“Yeah, so he gets outside and all these people are gathered around his car because there’s a tail sticking out of one of the crevices. They’re all cracking up. They can’t get the damn squirrel out. He said he noticed a weird sound while he was driving to work, but thought nothing of it.”

Hysteria ensues. I’ve been laughing all day. Now this… PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE. So sad for the squirrel — but yet so funny. Hopefully I’ll have an update on the condition of the squirrel. Poor little guy, my brother’s driving is not the best.


3 responses to “A Bit Squirrely…

  1. Are you kidding me with this! Also…I need to know what happened to the squirrel. You know I will lose sleep over this until I find out that he’s okay.

  2. No clue.. All is quiet. Thinking (hoping) he crawled out at some point. 😉

  3. Oh my gosh. I love squirrels. I hope he is full recovered!

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