Converse Kurt Cobain Chuck Taylors

Converse announced the Converse Chuck Taylor Kurt Cobain sneakers. Retailing at $50, the kicks feature “doodles and words” from Kurt’s personal notebook. I was all for Converse’s resurgance and bringing back the retro style, but I can’t condone this and I’m not even a Nirvana fan! Kurt is spinning in his grave. Unbelievable. At least they come in both high tops and low.


4 responses to “Converse Kurt Cobain Chuck Taylors

  1. Wow! Not only are they cashing in on a deadman’s name, the shoes are sold at Nordstrom. Am I the only one that thinks this is weird, or do all grunge rockers shop at Nordstrom now. I’m guessing they aren’t trying to draw the typical Nirvana fan. Ridiculous. Oh yeah, I think Courtney Love just did another line.

  2. Grunge shoppers totally shop at Nordstrom, don’t they? They’re trying to draw the typical hipster with disposable income.

  3. Screw Kurt. Converse needs to make some Amy sneakers. If I kept a journal, it’d have such profound thoughts like “Today I had the most delicious burger ever.” and “Ugh. Why is it snowing again?”

  4. Gross. Though it’s worth mentioning that in a recent game of Trivial Pursuit (80’s and 90’s edition), I got a question about Cobain’s love of Converse. Life’s one big ad campaign…for sneakers.

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