Hey McFly…

Been a while since I last posted, but when I saw this bit of news on CrunchGear, I had to make some time. Any child of the 80’s has a special connection with the Back to the Future franchise. You have to love a movie based on time travel who proposed that by 2015 we’d have flying cars and hover boards. Well, it’s 2008 and it’s pretty safe to say that by 2015 our cars will not be cruising the skies. But at least you can hover board, er, or just hang it on your wall. For a small chunk of change –$30,000–you can do best Marty McFly impersonation. Check out ebay for the auction and full product details, apparently this is “one of the original boards” used in the film. The real question is, when is that Marty McFly jacket going to hit ebay?! Sweeeee

And just for fun:


2 responses to “Hey McFly…

  1. Brilliant.

    You definitely captured our generation’s love of Back to the Future. Growing up, when people would talk about a trilogy, Back to the Future is what I thought they meant. I love all three of movies; my boyfriend and I even bonded over how much we love Back to the Future.

    Maybe by the time we all have kids, Hoverboards will really exist–probably well after 2015 on both accounts. 🙂

  2. LOVE that trilogy… Although, I could’ve done without the third installment. Oh, I sure hope hover boards will become a reality, in the mean time — 30K for a knock off isn’t very realistic. 🙂

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