Today, I took a summer day off from work. Basically, a summer day is a “free” day that you work for. During the course of a two-week period if you log an extra 9 hours of work, you’re entitled to take a summer day. Seems like a lot of extra hours to work, but lately I’ve been logging those and then some so it’s not that much extra work.

The bulk of my job includes being strapped to a computer and/or smartphone for about 12 hours, not to mention sitting on dull conference calls desperately trying to pay attention, hoping that a client or fellow colleague doesn’t call me out on it. (it does and has happened more times than not). That’s why today, I decided that I’d go unplugged or disconnected all day long.

Well, that was plan. Did it actually happen? Not really. I can’t help but read some email during the course of the day. I’m always too panicked that something disasterous is going down at work in my absence. So, I made it a point to check once in the morning for anything urgent, then once later in the day. I’m please to say I stuck with that plan for the most part. 🙂

What exactly did I do with my day off? Well, lots of exciting things like: go for a bike ride, read the paper while eating breakfast at a unusually slow pace, go to the bank, get pants hemmed, get a pedicure, take mom to lunch, knock out a few doctors appointments, and some other random errands mixed in there. I know, doesn’t sound too thrilling, but it’s just what I needed — some time to catch up on all those things I just don’t have tine to do during the week.

Sadly, tomorrow is back to the grind, which means a 5:45a wake up, workout, shower, then off to train by 730a. BOO! Note to self, start logging more hours to take next summer day. Haha.


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