EA Sports Answers Youtube User…

Working in social media, it’s always exciting to see when major companies really GET the online space. It’s still pretty rare to see. We see some success stories here and there, but still most think they get it, when they actually don’t. While others are too scared to even think about coming out of their comfort zone to take a risk. However, EA Sports is one of the companies leading the charge and are definitely tapped into their audience.

Recently, a Youtube user took a video screen caputer of a “glitch” in the Tiger Woods game from EA Sports showing how the ball could be played by walking over water and swinging as if the pond were dry land. Pretty crazy, right?

The folks at EA Sports got wind of the video and decided to have some fun with it. They produced a video with Tiger walking on water and recreating the shot from the game. Part of my job is monitoring social media sites, blogs, and of course using Google Alerts to keep track of all press (especially negative press). However, many clients aren’t willing (read: ballsy) enough to actually take a potentially negative story and turn it into a positive. EA Sports have done just that!

A situation that could’ve blown up and spread through the internet has now been dismantled and is actually being talked about as a savvy marketing move instead. Not only did EA prevent a potential media disaster, they showed that they are intune with their target audience and are actively paying attention. Blogs and social networks are all a buzz about what they’re now dubbing Tiger’s “Jesus Walk.”  Great job, EA! Now if only other companies would follow your lead. Yup, it’s a risky move, but risks can have rewards.


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