Can’t Function – Forgot My Cell Phone…

I’m going a bit crazy today. I mean it started off like a normal day — I left the house and headed to a doctor’s appointment. Naturally, I was early (as usual) so took a seat and figured I might as well catch up on some work email. Reach in my bag for my cellie and feel around — nothings there. Panic mode sets in. Where the hell is my cell phone?!

The doctor calls me in the office, which is the only thing keeping me from a total meltdown at this point. We go through the usual routine, which seemed to take only minutes today. I pay and head for the train – catching the glimpse of a clock hanging outside my town’s post office. It’s only 8:30a – train is at 8:32.

Seriously contemplated walking the 1/2 mile back to my house to search for my cell phone, but then that would’ve made me ridiculously late for work. Reluctantly, I headed for the train and hoped for the best. The entire train ride was filled with thoughts of What Ifs. I mean, come on, I’m a neurotic NYer. Buildings have been know to blow up, collapse, trains break down, man-holes explode, debris and now the latest craze CRANES fall from the sky — lots can happen in a single day and here I am with no cell phone!

Tried to distract myself with my ipod (at least I remembered that!), but to no avail – everyone around me on the train was frantically typing away on their blackberrys and iphones — ugh! Managed to make it safely to GCT without incident and sprinted to my office — being unconnected for that long was obviously driving me insane. What’s the first thing I did when I got to my office? Logged into Facebook and put up a message about how I don’t have my cell so call my office line. Second thing? Called my mom to ask if she can head home during lunch to find my phone (like it being in the house will make me any less paranoid!?). Third? Call my cell VM to see if anyone left me an urgent message.

WHAT IS MY DEAL?! I’ve turned into a maniac when it comes to a damn cell phone. I’m obviously addicted to it. This is going to be the longest day — EVER!


One response to “Can’t Function – Forgot My Cell Phone…

  1. Hello. I was reading someone elses blog and saw you on their blogroll. Would you be interested in exchanging blog roll links? If so, feel free to email me.


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