Captain, My Captain…

I’m a New York Yankees fan. I have been before Derek Jeter was ever part of the team and will be long after he’s retired. However, I’d be lying if I said that the bulk of my Yankees memories didn’t involved Derek Jeter. Yup, I’ve heard all the arguments “he’s overrated,” “he’s the worst fielding shortstop,” “you just think he’s cute” and so on. I’ve given the defenses “it’s the intangibles,” “he’s consistent,” “damn, right he’s cute, but he can ball.”

Do I think he’s the only reason the Yanks went on a tear since the mid-90’s and won four championship and 10 division titles? No, but he’s been a damn big part. He’s been the glue that bound the teams together over the years. Jeter’s that one face fans got used to seeing season after season. We chanted his name each game whether it was a Sunday matinee or whether we were looking for a miracle on a chilly night in NYC as the clock struck midnight. He’s known how to navigate the onslaught of NY media, answered the questions that should be answered, but never said more than what was needed. He’s been a class act – a champion in every sense of the word – and now as Yankee Stadium closes its doors it’s fitting that his name been etched in the record books where it rightly belongs. Last night he passed Lou Gehrig and now holds the record for most all-time hits at Yankee Stadium – no small feat.

Thank you, Derek for always putting the Yankees before your personal gain. Hey, Arod — take notes.


4 responses to “Captain, My Captain…

  1. Like a phoenix from the ashes, I haz arisen.

    PS the blog looks great

    PS boo jeter.

  2. Welcome back, I missed you!

  3. Jeter blows!
    AND he’s NOT cute.

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