Bad Blogger of Late…

Sorry ya’ll. I’ve been such a bad blogger as of late. I’ve been so preoccupied with getting our music blog, The Round Table, (plug plug plug…) running consistently that I’ve totally abandoned this site. Well, not totally, I have logged in – attempted to blog, but then got side tracked. With that said, here’s a few updates on life in general.

Janet Jackson – As you know, I’ve been amped for this tour for months. I have front row tickets (NJ) and 10th row (MSG) tickets for her concerts in the area. As always, someone is f-ing with me upstairs. Janet’s come down with some mystery illness and has postponed dates left and right. The MSG date has been moved to November 1st, but miraculously the NJ date is still listed for this Friday. Guess we will see what goes down – but knowing my life and my luck – there is NO WAY this tour is happening. Worst part – if she cancels the tour – ticket holders get a refund but lose out on all the tax/shipping and handling fees, which means I’m out a good $150. Ridic. Needless to say, I’ll be the most depressed person ever.

New Phone – My beloved BlackJack is no more. He was a good soldier — lasted 2 years, but started to show signs it was time to move on. I loved him dearly, but the constant shutting down was freaking me out. So, I made the tough decision to purchase a new phone. I’ve been torn for a while on which device to get, but I drank the kool-aid and went with an iPhone 3G. Do I love it? Yes! But, I’m deathly afraid of scratching it and/or dropping it – so it’s somewhat hysterical that I have a touch phone that I refuse to touch.
NYC Food and Wine Festival – Took my mom to the NYC Food & Wine Festival here in Chelsea. We bought tickets to a few food demos with Tyler Florence and Bobby Flay — my two favs! It was awesome. So much fun. After the Bobby Flay demo we hustled over to Chelsea market for a book signing with the two guys. I met Tyler and my mom met Bobby. Feel free to check out pics from the event at my Flickr page.


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