Reebok Webinar: Sara Haley

It’s a rainy day here in NYC and I’m a bit under the weather. What better way to spend a rainy, cold afternoon than inside getting fitness tips?

Yesterday I was informed of a webinar sponsored by Reebok where their global fitness instructor, Sara Haley, would talk about Reebok’s new Women’s fitness initiative as well as field questions from webinar listeners.

So what exactly is Reebok’s “women’s initiative?” Apparently, Reebok spent some time researching women to find out what makes them tick from a fitness perspective. They found that women view fitness or going to the gym as a “chore.” Well, of course that’s what they found – with such little time in our personal lives, it’s no question that many women (and probably men!) feel that way. The cool thing is Reebok is actually introducing “fun” ways to keep women motivated and actually enjoy their workouts.

Sounds crazy, I know. But take it from me — someone who actually LOVED running that there’s no greater feeling than a post workout high, that is, if you’re getting the most of your workout. So, Reebok partnered with top instructors, like Sara Haley, to bring a fresh/fun approach to working out.

Sara’s specialty is “bounce trampoline workout” or as what she referred to during the webinar as “rebounder.” It utilizes a trampoline, but from a different approach. According to Sara, traditional trampolining (is that a word?) focuses on “pushing up,” whereas the rebounder workout focuses on “pushing down.” She says rebounding is virtually injury free and a great low impact workout for people with a stable core as this regiment was created for rehabbing athletes.

Sounds pretty cool to me! Might need to check it out as an alternative workout since my herniated disk injury has prevented me from running. I’ll have to look up Ms. Haley as she is NYC based for a class.

You can read more about Sara Haley as well as the entire Global Fitness Team at


(Full disclosure – Reebok is a client of Fleishman Hillard, my current employer, but I do not work on the account).


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