Yankees: Recession Proof…

I’ve glossed on about my love for the Bronx Bombers in the past, so obviously I’m a bit biased when it comes to today’s news that Yanks have offered CC Sabathia a seven year deal for $161 million. However, I feel it’s only right to put aside the obvious upside to my hometown team signing a workhorse like Sabathia and look at the insanity of the deal.

This comes just days after the National Bureau of Economic Research announced that the U.S. is “officially in a recession.” Not sure about you, but these last few weeks have been plagued with panicked emails and frantic phone calls to friends at various jobs to find out if they’re currently employed. Last Thursday, Viacom laid off 850 people, cutting staff by 9%, today Yahoo downsized cutting 1500, and this is just the beginning. Those of us lucky enough to still be employed (thank you!!) are being asked to do more with less . Oh and you know that raise you were desperately in need of?  – yeah you probably aren’t getting it, not even in the next six months.

But here were are – talking baseball. Yanks throw a $161 million dollar contract, the highest ever given to any pitcher in the MLB., and we’re doing our best not to get fired as the holidays approach. Amazing! The best is, who’s going to pay for that contract? The fans of course. New stadium, new multi-million dollar man (most likely men as we still have more cash to burn!) and here were are, consumers deciding between whether we can afford milk, gas, heat and all those other necessities in life. Not sure about you, but a luxury like seeing Sabathia pitch on opening day doesn’t really fall in the realm of necessities as of late – nor will it come April.

Perhaps I’m being a bit melodramatic. As my co-worker said, it’s National Melodramatic Day (it’s not really!!), so maybe it fits. So to all my media industry friends who are quivering with fear of unemployment, take solace in knowing the Yanks are hiring. Apparently, they’re only recession proof company around.

Realized I’ve set myself up for some “evil empire” comments here – but given the state of our country – I think they’re valid right now.


2 responses to “Yankees: Recession Proof…

  1. Let’s not forget that our favorite teams are still looking for MORE PUBLIC MONEY to fund their stadium projects. Where is that money coming from? Maybe they will trim something off the top of the unemployment fund.

  2. Despite knowing the fact that the US of A is in recession….. Clubs like the Yankees offer such ballistic deals…. Isnt it reckless that all this money that the club makes comes from hardworking tax-payers like you and me!!! Check out http://www.sportsviews.com/ to read more hate messages regarding this deal…You can also write some if you want!!!

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