Response to Yankees New Acquisition

Just had to share my co-worker’s response via Twitter to me regarding the Yankees recent pickup, AJ Burnett

@jvett- you guys just got Burnett. I hope his arm falls off, and CC eats it 😉

Btw, my co-worker is a die-hard Bosox fan (to be expected!)


6 responses to “Response to Yankees New Acquisition

  1. I am a Yankee fan, and trust me when I tell you that we should not have spent that ungodly amount of money on a guy that has not pitched a day in a Yankee uniform. Most I remind everyone of the Big Bust. We should have waited a few years, before giving this guy that amount of money.

    • I’d have to agree with you – NYC is another culture – especially with constant media pressure. Just because pitchers (and players) do amazing things in other markets, doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be able to produce in NYC. It’s all yet to be seen.

  2. As the Red Sox fan in question, I realize that I have no room in this argument to talk. The Yankees and Red Sox have spent the last 5-10 years spending a crazy amount of money. These two pitchers are not what you would call “big game pitchers,” and I think pitching in the circus that is NYC makes EVERY game a big game. Spending that kind of money on those guys, when they probably had the chance to get Santana last year might be the sign of some bad things to happen for the Yanks for years to come…

  3. I think Yanks have gone mad………..what I feel is that its all the attempts to make their team more strong… the way these guys are going with acquisition makes it undoubted..hope both CC and Burnett will end up make a difference to their team….

  4. thanks for offering to tweet my give. Im hoping to have to dig deep in my wallet for the shelter and perhaps inspire others to do the same for shelters in their area.

  5. Bryan – definitely – but it’s been the Yanks MO for years, to go out, spend the cash and (through the 90’s early ’00s) its worked. The last few years have been a struggle as those big dollar contracts haven’t paid off with a championship. The Yanks tried to rely on their prospects, but that backfired a bit – as they missed postseason (also result of pretty awful team play, not just poor pitching). Sabathia/Burnett will fill the gaps needed for sure, but hopefully strengthen a weak staff overall. The only absurdity – is the Yanks are still willing to over pay for these players who may not be able to perform under the scrutiny of NYC. Then again, it’s all one giant game of chess – if Yanks didn’t throw $161 mil at Sabathia, Bosox would’ve -etc.

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