Dentyne: “Make Face Time…”

It’s rare that I fall for a tv commercial – so when it does, I feel like I need to share it. Last night I was flipping through the channels when I settled on a random station to basically leave on in the background while I downloaded music to my iPod. Then I heard this jolly little tune, “Summer Day” by Coconut Records, followed by a voice-over saying “The Original Instant Message.” I was intrigued – had to see where this was going.

Then the commercial cuts to a shot of guy and girl that kiss quickly. Mr. voice-over returns and declares “Voicemail” while two guys jump into a lake and the camera pans to two girls sharing a secret. Then we see a room full of twenty-somethings chatting/sitting in a room where Mr. voice-over states “Chatroom Full.” Seriously, I was hooked.

Jump to a shot of a bunch of guys playing soccer. One guy scores a goal and subsequently celebrates with his teammates as Mr. voice-over (aka my new best friend) says “Friend Request: Accepted.”

Then it concludes with the sell: “Dentyne, Make Face Time.”

Wow. Really, I’m not one for commercials, but just the fact that they were capable of taking current online trends and integrated them into a commercial that wasn’t overly branded or pushing product at me is exactly what sold me. Now, can I say I’ll honestly go out and buy Dentyne gum as a result? No (sorry, sales team!), but this commercial will stick with me, especially as someone who spends long hours behind emails, social networking sites, profiles, etc for a living.

The message is simple – log off, disconnect, and spend time interacting in the physical world. Let there be physical, tangible experiences in life while not simply relying on technology to express feelings or experience moments. It’s not preachy either. Simple stating – make time for others.

So, I’m ready for some face time — are you?


6 responses to “Dentyne: “Make Face Time…”

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  2. Their subway advertisements are just as good…very well-done and conjure up some of the same thoughts you wrote about . If you’re not buying Dentyne, do you have a specific brand you do like? I like Orbit.

  3. Jon, I’ll have to check out the subway ads – haven’t seen any yet! I like Orbit too! Dentyne is good, their packaging is a bit bulky for me.

  4. JV – Exactly why you should plan on coming to PodCamp Ohio this year. You said it, not me…


  5. Jack Skellington

    I am in love with this add. However Dentyne tends to burn my tastebuds off. I feel like it’s the perfect gum for a smoker pretending not to be a smoker and trying to hide it (insert my dad here).

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