Mike Bones: Stolen from The Edgitator…

I can’t take credit for this brilliance – it’s all The Edgitator. Though he gave me permission to re-post his write-up, I encourage you to visit/subscribe to his site. Trust, you’ll thank me later. Without further ado….

Mike Bones, a New York native, is taking a tip from the Kings of Leon Rule Book: Break big in the UK and in time you’ll see the benefits spread in the states.  I’m hoping.

His debut single from his sophomore album, “What I Have Left”, has the UK pubs and blogs raging about the track’s orchestral build-up, hopeless and despairing lyrics, and Bones’ natural talent on guitar and vocals – it’s the Doves meets the Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony, but it’s a one-man show.  Still a little too indie-sounding to hit mainstream, but really, those are the gems that are worth a listen.

“I could marry you with what I have left – but I’m certain you’ll do better on your own…”

“I could leave you with what I have left – would you prefer hatred or bitterness?”


4 responses to “Mike Bones: Stolen from The Edgitator…

  1. This continues to be on constant repeat…can’t be stopped. He’s awesome, and sadly just missed him – he had a show in Bklyn in late Feb. Your fault!

  2. We only go to BK for Fiona….

  3. Well writen, really!

  4. THANKS! hahaha.

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