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Kelly Clarkson to Perez Hilton: STFU

I don’t condone violence at all — but the Perez Hilton/Will i. am incident is ridiculous. Feel free to read my full take at The Round Table, but for those just interested in seeing what Kelly had to say check the video below. Perez talk starts around 3:40 mark — be sure to keep watching until 4:49 mark when interviewer tells Kelly that Perez was actually crying on their talk show. Kelly’s reaction is classic.

All I have to say is — Perez, if Kelly Clarkson, quite possibly the nicest celeb on the planet is talking smack, you definitely made some enemies in the entertainment world.


Janet Set List Posted…

Miss Jackson, it’s been a long time coming (still 2 months out), but I’m ready to Rock With U. Never a Perez Hilton fan, but have to give him some props for somehow obtaining this (alledged) set list for Janet’s upcoming tour. It’s a hand written list, 3 pages long — we’re talking about 30 tracks spanning all Janet eras.

Obviously the set list (as it stands) highlights more of her past hits (If, Rhythm Nation, Control, Alright, That’s The Way Love Goes, Black Cat, Nasty, etc) but she still managed to squeeze in some newer stuff (Feedback, The 1, etc).

Who am I kidding? Janet could stand on stage and not say a word and I’d pay a pretty penny to be there. Needless to say, I’m pretty pumped for this tour. I’m most excited to see her perform “You Want This” off of her Janet (’93) album. The video was pretty sick — don’t believe I’ve ever seen her perform it live so that will be a nice surprise.

So here’s the set list — can’t wait!