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Kelly Clarkson to Perez Hilton: STFU

I don’t condone violence at all — but the Perez Hilton/Will i. am incident is ridiculous. Feel free to read my full take at The Round Table, but for those just interested in seeing what Kelly had to say check the video below. Perez talk starts around 3:40 mark — be sure to keep watching until 4:49 mark when interviewer tells Kelly that Perez was actually crying on their talk show. Kelly’s reaction is classic.

All I have to say is — Perez, if Kelly Clarkson, quite possibly the nicest celeb on the planet is talking smack, you definitely made some enemies in the entertainment world.


When Celebs Invade Social Media…

The fine folks at Current tv warn us about Twitter overkill thanks to celebrity invasion of the site. Twitter, once a micro-blogging site used by early adopters, tech geeks, and let’s face it, PR folks, to communicate with others, has now become as mainstream as it can get with everyone from Perez Hilton, Oprah Winfrey, and yes, even Britney Spears (or more appropriately her handlers) keeping us up on all that they’re doing.

Yup, it’s oh so exciting. At the very least, the video is good for a laugh – if you can get passed the fact that they made P.Diddy sound like Ja Rule. “It’s Muuuurrrrddaaaaa.”

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Keri Hilson Covers Kelly Clarkson’s SUBG…

Keri Hilson tends to be a “watercooler” topic for me and my buddy Opaul to discuss at The Round Table. Basically, it boils down to both of us wanting more from Keri and for her not to fall into what we affectionately call the “Christina Milian trap.”

The Christina Milian trap is essentially being pigeon-holed into a songwriter who gives all her hot tracks to other female performers and blow up their status. Keri Hilson is definitely going down this track as of late — which is sad because I had such high hopes for her after catching her during Justin Timberlake’s FSLS tour. During the show’s intermission, Timbaland had Keri cover current hits of the moment, including Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You Been Gone” aka SUBG.

Now, SUBG was covered by everyone from Robyn, The Gossip, Ted Leo, and even The Aquabats, but what set Keri’s rendition apart was the subtle R&B touch. The beat is pretty generic, standard Timbaland fare, but it works. Peep Keri’s version below. In the meantime, I’ll take some solace in that Keri’s starting to release moderately good tunes in “Knock You Down” and “Turnin Me On” (remix), but I’m still waiting on her to full on SING a damn track vs. relying on catchy beats to do the talking.

March Madness + Guitar Hero…

It’s no secret I’m a March Madness junkie — I also happen to be a big fan of Guitar Hero. While, the original commerical re-enacting the scene from “Risky Business” featuring Arod and Michael Phelps was absolutely creepy — I’d say Guitar Hero’s ad firm hit the nail on the head with this one.

Yup, it features 4 of college basketball’s greatest coaches (at least the ones that can still slide across a floor without breaking a hip). So, check out Rick Pitino, Mike Krzyzewski, Roy Williams and Bob Knight’s ode to “Risky Business.”

The only problem is Metallica’s presenence – FAIL. I’m still mad at them for Napster.

Skate or Die…

Um, I can’t even tell you how many quarters I used to pump in this game while vacationing as a kid with my folks in Virgina Beach. The total is probably around a year of college tuition, which is sad in itself. Needless to say, when I saw Skate or Die can be played online now, I pissed myself. Amazing. Skate on kiddies. You’re welcome.


White Dudes Rap About Gossip Girl: Amazing…

So my friends and I were just discussing how we don’t remember what life was like without YouTube. Well, that’s an exaggeration, but seriously, the site is a huge source of entertainment in my life. I came across this little gem of a video today after lunch (thanks, NY Mag!) with co-workers where we well…gossiped…about the CW’s Gossip Girl.

The video is called “Dear Gossip Girl” and features Southern Mothers & Matt Pearson, aka a bunch of preppy dudes who rap about the show. Heck, they even visited GG locations to shoot the video. How can you not love it…

Britney Brings The Circus…

tt4bhaiFull disclosure – I was never a Britney fan. I mean, I’m a pop music fan, so I guess in some respect I could appreciate Britney Spears in her hay-day, but still, I never owned a CD. I can’t tell you how many arguments I had with die-hard fans back when predicting her over-saturation in the media would eventually lead to her downfall. Rather than sit back and say “I told you so,” instead I felt a tad bit guilty because being a pop music fan, I fed into that demise. We’ve watched the rise of Britney, the fall, and of course as she hit rock bottom only to come full circle to potential rise again.

We all know she’s never been a vocal superstar, heck, most days she’s lucky if she can actually lip-sync properly to her own tracks. So what do I find appealing about her? She’s an entertainer. Good, bad or indifferent, she has entertained us since ’98 no questions asked. Like the perfect toy only to be tossed aside when something more shiny and new came around. We built her up, only to break her down¬† and once the guilt became too much (even for us masochists) we found a way to slowly put the pieces together again.

Part of our repentance is to cheer Britney on as she gears up for one of her (more) anticipated album releases in “Circus.” Yup, it’s a bit tongue-in-cheek realizing that for the most part, Britney is willing to laugh along with us with Larry Rudolph, long time manager playing ringleader. “Circus” is another all-star list of producers from Bloodshy¬† & Avant to Danja and of course pop impresario Max Martin aka the man who brought us “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” What’s the difference this time around? Well, it seems Britney is an active participant in the process, not a passive one like she was with “Blackout.”

So far, “Circus” delivers. It’s along the lines of what we’ve come to expect from Britney as far as sound up-beat tracks about wanting to dance (in various forms), but at least she is present in the songs – not just incoherently ad-libing her way through. Needless to say, I’m pretty pumped for the album’s release – more so for the upcoming MTV “documentary.” Just wish she’d begin it with a throwback to “You think you know, but you have no idea….”

Be sure to check out “Circus” – streaming now at Imeem.