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When Celebs Invade Social Media…

The fine folks at Current tv warn us about Twitter overkill thanks to celebrity invasion of the site. Twitter, once a micro-blogging site used by early adopters, tech geeks, and let’s face it, PR folks, to communicate with others, has now become as mainstream as it can get with everyone from Perez Hilton, Oprah Winfrey, and yes, even Britney Spears (or more appropriately her handlers) keeping us up on all that they’re doing.

Yup, it’s oh so exciting. At the very least, the video is good for a laugh – if you can get passed the fact that they made P.Diddy sound like Ja Rule. “It’s Muuuurrrrddaaaaa.”

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Mother Nature, You Win Again

Looks like my good friend, Mother Nature will have the last laugh once again. It’s been a pleasant 50-60 degrees here in NYC the last few days as we gear up for the first day of spring, which is today at 745a.

Well, I’m happy to report that it is snowing like mad as I type this from the train platform. Amazing!

Mother Nature, you win again

From Around the Office…

A certain someone recommended starting a game of “heard around the office” to aggregate all the random ish that goes down. I’ve decided to take it one step further – visuals. Why the sudden need to share? Well, I was just going into the ladies bathroom when I noticed a suspicious amount of duct tape along the outside of the door. My instinct told me to find another bathroom, but my intrigue told me to proceed in. Let’s just say, I was not disappointed. Apparently, someone managed to break the door handle making it nearly impossible to exit the bathroom. Fear not, some forward-thinking maintenance personĀ  came up with a make-shift solution, which helped me escape. Proof:


Skate or Die…

Um, I can’t even tell you how many quarters I used to pump in this game while vacationing as a kid with my folks in Virgina Beach. The total is probably around a year of college tuition, which is sad in itself. Needless to say, when I saw Skate or Die can be played online now, I pissed myself. Amazing. Skate on kiddies. You’re welcome.


5 Words for Friday…

The five words that are tossed around relentlessly in my profession that I’ve grown to hate, yet am forced to integrate (just missed the cut) into my vocab on a daily basis. Really, there’s nothing revolting about these words/phrases rather it all comes down to the context in which they are used.

1. Leverage – this is hoity-toity marketing speak for “use”. Why can’t we just say use anymore?

2. Assets – can we be more vague? What are our assets? Most days this consists of news, video, and/or images. I know – annoying right?

3. Loop – Most commonly used as a verb: “I’ll loop you in,” which loosely translates to “I don’t feel like doing this work, so I’ll be sure to pass it off to you in front of others so you can’t decline.”

4. Case Study – Everything is considered a case study – but rarely is any thing a TRUE case study. However, I’ve affectionately come to refer to the dreaded case study as – CS.

5. Thanks so much – Most commonly used as a reply to the “I’ll loop you in” comment. It’s drenched in sarcasm and dripping with disdain, but still seems civil in tone, unless your recipient is wise to you.

Inappropriate Joke of the Day…

Wow. So, by now I’m sure you’ve all read/heard about Chris Brown aka CBreezy smackin up Rihanna. Though I do not condone domestic violence or violence of any kind, I have to share the most inappropriate joke of the day. The award goes to my Dad who, every now and again comes up with a gem. Like this one…

:::cue Doublemint Gum Commercial:::

Me: “Ha, that’s gotta be pulled now that he’s a wifebeater.”

Dad “What do you mean?”

Me: “Rumor has it he beat up Rihanna”

Dad: “I hope not with her umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh.”

Me: “brilliant.”

Dad: smiles

Dentyne: “Make Face Time…”

It’s rare that I fall for a tv commercial – so when it does, I feel like I need to share it. Last night I was flipping through the channels when I settled on a random station to basically leave on in the background while I downloaded music to my iPod. Then I heard this jolly little tune, “Summer Day” by Coconut Records, followed by a voice-over saying “The Original Instant Message.” I was intrigued – had to see where this was going.

Then the commercial cuts to a shot of guy and girl that kiss quickly. Mr. voice-over returns and declares “Voicemail” while two guys jump into a lake and the camera pans to two girls sharing a secret. Then we see a room full of twenty-somethings chatting/sitting in a room where Mr. voice-over states “Chatroom Full.” Seriously, I was hooked.

Jump to a shot of a bunch of guys playing soccer. One guy scores a goal and subsequently celebrates with his teammates as Mr. voice-over (aka my new best friend) says “Friend Request: Accepted.”

Then it concludes with the sell: “Dentyne, Make Face Time.”

Wow. Really, I’m not one for commercials, but just the fact that they were capable of taking current online trends and integrated them into a commercial that wasn’t overly branded or pushing product at me is exactly what sold me. Now, can I say I’ll honestly go out and buy Dentyne gum as a result? No (sorry, sales team!), but this commercial will stick with me, especially as someone who spends long hours behind emails, social networking sites, profiles, etc for a living.

The message is simple – log off, disconnect, and spend time interacting in the physical world. Let there be physical, tangible experiences in life while not simply relying on technology to express feelings or experience moments. It’s not preachy either. Simple stating – make time for others.

So, I’m ready for some face time — are you?