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Puppettime: LeBron vs Kobe

My buddy Luke Armour and a few of his FH Cleveland counterparts know the Lebron “chalk” routine well. There’s even a rumor that a certain someone is quick to bust it out at the office cafeteria from time to time. Although, I’ve yet to see the promised video of this re-enactment, this Nike commercial fills the void (somewhat). Oh and it just happens to be one of the most viewed ads online at the moment.

Original Chalk:


When Celebs Invade Social Media…

The fine folks at Current tv warn us about Twitter overkill thanks to celebrity invasion of the site. Twitter, once a micro-blogging site used by early adopters, tech geeks, and let’s face it, PR folks, to communicate with others, has now become as mainstream as it can get with everyone from Perez Hilton, Oprah Winfrey, and yes, even Britney Spears (or more appropriately her handlers) keeping us up on all that they’re doing.

Yup, it’s oh so exciting. At the very least, the video is good for a laugh – if you can get passed the fact that they made P.Diddy sound like Ja Rule. “It’s Muuuurrrrddaaaaa.”

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Social Media = Two Way Communication…

The bulk of my days consist of brainstorming ideas for clients on how they can use social media to engage their consumers. Those brainstorms then turn into proposals, some of which get passed through, while others fall by the wayside. Though it can be a pretty frustrating job, ideation without promise of creation, there’s a certain level of satisfaction that comes from having pretty candid conversations with clients about how to or in some cases how not to engage with social media. The one piece of advice that I can’t stress enough is – don’t half ass it – of course, put in a more gentler way. 

Consumers aren’t stupid. For years they’ve been bombarded with one size fits all messages that are pushed their way in traditional mediums, but today they know exactly how to tune them out. Better yet, they know how to get the ear of brands, which was unheard of quite a few years back. If you’re going to play in the “social media” world, whether you’re a major consumer brand or an indie musician, there needs to be a level of authenticity. 

Yes, at the end of the day, there are marketing objectives behind using social media tools, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be honest. Don’t just let your customers or fans (in the case of musicians) hear your voice or be privy to “exclusive” content – but be aware of the conversation going on around you or in most cases about you. It’s simply not enough to just read comments or blast out twitter messages to the masses. So what if you have a myspace page, facebook page, or even a YouTube channel. You may gain a few followers here or there, but how are you sustaining that following? 

By using social media but not engaging in two-way conversations with your followers you’re stating two things:

1) their opinions don’t matter

2) you’re jumping on the bandwagon.

Consumer brands, with the help of public relations and marketing professionals, are realizing that they can’t just play in the social media space just to be there. They realize it’s not all fun and games, that the online space can quickly become a very unsociable place. However, if done properly, they can reach consumers in ways never before possible and create unique user experiences that have powerful, long lasting effects. Same goes for musicians, especially indie musicians who are at a distinct advantage over major label artists since they are in complete control of their content and in essence their brand. So, are you using social media the way it was intended?

RT: Jimmy Eat World Gets Social

My buddy Luke Armour has written an amazing guest post at The Round Table about Jimmy Eat World integrating social media with their music to engage music fans. Here’s a taste…

A while ago I “became a fan” of Jimmy Eat World on Facebook, which, for many fan sites means absolutely nothing. But Jimmy Eat World actually uses it. The most recent updates focused on the 10th anniversary celebration of their classic album Clarity. For 10 one-time-only shows beginning February 23 in New York City and concluding March 7 in the band’s native Arizona, they played the album in its entirety. What a great way to point out to new fans that you have older stuff worth paying attention to. And the buzz was great, the shows sold out right quick.

Once I realized they were actually talking to me, the fan, it wasn’t long before I started paying attention to them elsewhere. I started following them on Twitter, which, again, for many Twitter accounts means absolutely nothing – except maybe knowing what Jim had for breakfast [yawn]. But this was entertaining, interesting and – as it turns out -informative. I saw this tweet one day:

catch @jimmyeatworld clarity rehearsal live on @ustream this thursday at 1:30 az time

…. be sure to read the rest of the post at The Round Table.

Dentyne: “Make Face Time…”

It’s rare that I fall for a tv commercial – so when it does, I feel like I need to share it. Last night I was flipping through the channels when I settled on a random station to basically leave on in the background while I downloaded music to my iPod. Then I heard this jolly little tune, “Summer Day” by Coconut Records, followed by a voice-over saying “The Original Instant Message.” I was intrigued – had to see where this was going.

Then the commercial cuts to a shot of guy and girl that kiss quickly. Mr. voice-over returns and declares “Voicemail” while two guys jump into a lake and the camera pans to two girls sharing a secret. Then we see a room full of twenty-somethings chatting/sitting in a room where Mr. voice-over states “Chatroom Full.” Seriously, I was hooked.

Jump to a shot of a bunch of guys playing soccer. One guy scores a goal and subsequently celebrates with his teammates as Mr. voice-over (aka my new best friend) says “Friend Request: Accepted.”

Then it concludes with the sell: “Dentyne, Make Face Time.”

Wow. Really, I’m not one for commercials, but just the fact that they were capable of taking current online trends and integrated them into a commercial that wasn’t overly branded or pushing product at me is exactly what sold me. Now, can I say I’ll honestly go out and buy Dentyne gum as a result? No (sorry, sales team!), but this commercial will stick with me, especially as someone who spends long hours behind emails, social networking sites, profiles, etc for a living.

The message is simple – log off, disconnect, and spend time interacting in the physical world. Let there be physical, tangible experiences in life while not simply relying on technology to express feelings or experience moments. It’s not preachy either. Simple stating – make time for others.

So, I’m ready for some face time — are you?

Social Media and Music…

Merry Christmas Eve all. This will be a brief post, but wanted to share something pretty cool with you that happened today. I work in digital communications, therefore, I’m (obviously) an advocate of social media and networking with folks via various sites. For the last year or so I’ve been a fairly frequent user of Twitter, a microblogging site.

In the beginning, Twitter was mainly a tool for me to connect with different PR industry folks to stay on top of news, trends, and be part of the overall conversation. By connecting with different people, I was exposed to their web of followers (friends and colleagues), who in turn, I started connecting with as well.

Today, I was corresponding with some folks when I saw a musician named Aaron Zimmer chatting with social media guru Chris Brogan. Aaron was offering up his new album “Live Wires” for free to any and all, so naturally being a music fan, I jumped at the opportunity to download it. Given it was a slow day at the office, I took it one step further and tweeted at Aaron – asking if he’d like to guest blog on The Round Table, a music blog I run with some friends. Aaron graciously accepted my offer (thank you!) and through one quick message we were able to help spread the word about Aaron.

It’s one of those moments where as an advocate of social media you can sit back and smile. Though the ability to connect with someone like Aaron (even Chris Brogan) may have existed just a few years back, it was still fairly unknown, whereas today it’sa more natural occurrence. Pretty cool stuff.

Be sure to check out Aaron’s post at the Round Table as well as visit his personal site:

To download Aaron’s new album, visit:

iPhone Apps: Gratuitous Geek Post…

Alright, so this blog post comes courtesy of many “geek” chats I’ve had with my buddy Michael Denton of Contributing Comments. More nights than I care to admit, Denton and I have glossed on about the pros and cons of various cell phones across carriers. We’ve duked it out over features, operating systems, and even the value of open-source, oh so geeky!

Now, recently (about 2 months ago) I purchased an iPhone 3G. Yup, I went for it. My original Black Jack aka 21 was giving me signs that it was time to move on. I wrestled with the thought of which device to purchase, but ultimately it came down to a Blackberry or an iPhone. Obviously, you can’t beat the BB when it comes to email functionality, but it was the applications of the iPhone that made the most sense. I’m loving my iPhone aka Elroy for the most part — though I miss the feel of an actual qwerty keypad. Since I chose the iPhone for the applications, figure I should call out some of my favs.

Shazam – a music discovery tool. Load the app, hold your iPhone to any radio, computer, car speaker and magically watch as Shazam tells you what’s currently playing. Never have that “damn, what’s this song called” moment ever again. Btw, this baby even works in fairly noises restaurants — we tested it at Caliente Loco during happy hour.

Facebook – A no brainer. I’ve been slightly addicted to FB as of late — mainly cause all my friends are (finally!) using it. Updating status messages, writing on walls, and especially the direct mobile upload feature makes it easy to let friends know what you’re up to.

NYTimes – My go-to source for news. Love checking the NYTimes app first thing in the morning while sitting on the train. Never been a fan of newspaper ink – the feel and smell of it – so now I can get all my news right on my phone. I know, the Ad dept at the times is cursing me right about now.

Around Me – Uses your location to tell you what’s around you… duh. From hotels to coffee shops to banks to hospitals – this app keeps you in the know. Oh, it even shows you where the closest Apple retail store is, just in case. It’s powered by Google, so you know it rocks (click the link above to see a video review of app).

Coffee Finder – Literally DLed this application as a joke. It uses your location to tell you the nearest Starbucks. So the joke is that I work in Manhattan so needless to say I never have a problem finding a Starbucks – but figure when I’m NOT in NYC, this little baby will come in handy. Like when Coma and I were in West Palm Beach, FL and couldn’t pay someone to tell us where a Starbucks was. Guess old people don’t dig Frappucinos or something.

WordPress – For blogging on the go — when it works. It’s sort of a sketchy app, not so impressed, but think it has so much potential. Let’s hope the folks at wordpress work the kinks out.

Vint B&W – this application lets you shoot black and white photos using your iPhone’s boring camera feature. B&W just another one of those simplistic features that the folks at Apple forgot to inclue in the iPhone. You know, kinda like ability to send/receive MMS, but let’s not go THERE!

Loopt – LBS app that let’s you find friends even strangers (creepy!!) in your vicinity. The guys at Loopt pitch it as “you’ll never have to eat alone again,” but really it’s one of those applications that can be used for stalking.

AIM – just cause you gotta have old school AIM for when a text messaging isn’t quick enough.

Twitterific – For the Twitter loves out there — like myself. Honestly, haven’t found a GREAT Twitter app to use, but this one is good enough (for now).
So there you have it – all the app’s I’m currently rocking on Elroy. What are your favorite iPhone apps?


(FYI, AT&T happens to be an FH client – but I’ve been a loyal AT&T customer way before I knew about FH)