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The Benjy Davis Project “Still Sweet”

Over the weekend a few friends and I headed to Charlotte, NC for a much needed reprieve from NYC. While there, we checked out a pretty sweet roster of singer-song writers at The Evening Muse in downtown Charlotte. Among the performers was The Benjy Davis Project, led by, Benjy Davis (go figure!).

You can check out the full recap of The Benjy Davis Project set as well as Tony Lucca’s (love this man!) at my music site: The Round Table. But, I wanted to share that I picked up the group’s latest cd, Dust, at the show and I’m obsessed with it, especially this one song called “Still Sweet.” Why you ask? Well, because of this perfect little verse:

Just because we had some good times, doesn’t mean I miss them
I’ve been seeing blue skies every day
But I guess the truth of the matter is that I’ve been madder at you than you’ve been at me
I’m still bitter
And you’re still sweet

Um… can we say perfection? Well, almost perfect, I can’t say that you’re “still sweet,” but I’m most definitely still bitter. Listen to the full track below.


Funny Blogs. Read These!…

Just wanted to share 3 blogs that provide pure entertainment throughout the day. The writers quick, witty posts are a nice change to all the mainstream news and industry blogs I read during the day. So if any officemates hear me chuckle from time to time, it’s a safe bet I’m reading one of these blogs: 

Too Much Teeth

Blog de la Revolucion

Chew the Chub 

Keep the hysterical posts coming, ya’ll!!

Friday Humor: Rap Lyrics Explained

Passed on by a friend, here’s a bunch of rap lyrics explained with charts and graphs. I’ve put one below — see how many you can figure out. Link to rest of charts.