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Kelly Clarkson to Perez Hilton: STFU

I don’t condone violence at all — but the Perez Hilton/Will i. am incident is ridiculous. Feel free to read my full take at The Round Table, but for those just interested in seeing what Kelly had to say check the video below. Perez talk starts around 3:40 mark — be sure to keep watching until 4:49 mark when interviewer tells Kelly that Perez was actually crying on their talk show. Kelly’s reaction is classic.

All I have to say is — Perez, if Kelly Clarkson, quite possibly the nicest celeb on the planet is talking smack, you definitely made some enemies in the entertainment world.


Keri Hilson Covers Kelly Clarkson’s SUBG…

Keri Hilson tends to be a “watercooler” topic for me and my buddy Opaul to discuss at The Round Table. Basically, it boils down to both of us wanting more from Keri and for her not to fall into what we affectionately call the “Christina Milian trap.”

The Christina Milian trap is essentially being pigeon-holed into a songwriter who gives all her hot tracks to other female performers and blow up their status. Keri Hilson is definitely going down this track as of late — which is sad because I had such high hopes for her after catching her during Justin Timberlake’s FSLS tour. During the show’s intermission, Timbaland had Keri cover current hits of the moment, including Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You Been Gone” aka SUBG.

Now, SUBG was covered by everyone from Robyn, The Gossip, Ted Leo, and even The Aquabats, but what set Keri’s rendition apart was the subtle R&B touch. The beat is pretty generic, standard Timbaland fare, but it works. Peep Keri’s version below. In the meantime, I’ll take some solace in that Keri’s starting to release moderately good tunes in “Knock You Down” and “Turnin Me On” (remix), but I’m still waiting on her to full on SING a damn track vs. relying on catchy beats to do the talking.

Jill & Kate: Guess I Better Move On…

Alright, this will be my last music related post (maybe…) for a while on this blog. I mean, I do have The Round Table as my music writing outlet, but sometimes I just feel the need to share a music gem (or two) here as well in case ya’ll are too lazy to click over to the RT.

Now, this isn’t another video featuring a crazy stalker bear (Eddie, I’m still cracking up over the escalator part!), rather, it’s from my latest musical obsession, Jill & Kate. Sick sick harmonies, their voices sound as one, the best part is they’re funny as heck (read their blog), yet their recent EP, Finding My Own Way (plug…plug), is filled with some of the saddest break up songs around.

This track “Guess I Better Move On” isn’t on the EP since they just wrote it, but check it out — video and lyrics below. The question is – are these girls in my head – cause they definitely wrote this for me. Jill & Kate, give me a shout – seriously, we need to discuss…P.S. – KC fans, peep the voice of the cameraman — ehem — woman.

Guess I Better Move On

I think I’m going just a little bit crazy
You’re never gonna change
And I’m a fighter but it’s getting late and I’m just about to break

I’ve been tripping on every step
Ever since I put on these shoes
And all the roads we take
How come they never are the roads we’d choose

I’m falling fast
I don’t think I’m gonna last

But I hold on til I hit the bottom
Then I let go cause it’s all I know
And it’s not like I haven’t fought it
But when everybody says it’s over
When everybody says it’s over
Guess I better move on

These are only words but they’re all that I have left
I’ve been chasing you climbing your ladders
You don’t ever stop to rest
And I don’t want to give in
Cause I don’t want you to win

I’m falling fast
I don’t think I’m gonna last

But I hold on til I hit the bottom
Then I let go cause it’s all I know
And it’s not like I haven’t fought it
But when everybody says it’s over
When everybody says it’s over
Guess I better move on
Guess I better move on

I’m fighting for every word
I want it so bad it hurts
But you have stolen every bit of hope I had and I don’t think I’m gonna last

(c) J. Pickering, K. Rapier, 2009.

A New Beginning…

New beginnings indeed. Still digesting all the historic moments of today, the moving speech by President Barack Obama (how awesome does that sound?), and all that today entails. So, while I let it all marinate and sink in – you can enjoy some new music courtesy of Ms. Kelly Clarkson. Yup, in a way, she’s embarking on a new beginning. So go out, spend the 99cents and support music.


A Sondre High…

I’m on a Sondre high. It’s kinda like a sugar high, but way better for you. At the very least, healthier…maybe.

Last night met up with EddieBobby to see Sondre Lerche at the Bowery Ballroom, which you may have already known if you read yesterday’s blog. First off, I can now say I’ve been to the Bowery Ballroom. It’s a pretty legendary place around NYC when it comes to seeing bands. I’ve been to just about every venue in NYC at least once, I think, but never Bowery, which is weird, right?

It’s a nice small to mid-sized venue, great for acoustic type performances, which was perfect for Sondre. Having never seen Sondre before and only hearing him backed by a full band, I wasn’t sure how his songs would translate to an acoustic setting.

First off, Sondre’s a charmer. He knew exactly how to work the crowd and set up his songs. Being Norwegian born, he used that “English is my second language, but I’m totally a resident New Yorker” vibe to his favor. It worked flawlessly. Plus, I’ve always been a fan of witty stage banter, as it keeps the crowed engaged.

Then of course there was the music. His voice was incredibly strong, such a beautiful tone to it, with notable range. Sondre’s part rockstar, part crooner, and part folk singer rolled into one, which gives him a unique sound. He played a nice mix of older and newer tracks, plus some tracks from the “Dan in Real Life” soundtrack. His guitar playing was impressive. Like I said, being accustomed to only hearing Sondre backed by a full band, I wasn’t sure how the songs would work with just an acoustic guitar. He reworked them perfectly, in fact, I think acoustic suited him better as it allowed his vocals to really shine.

Unfortunately, I’m not that knowledgeable on the track names to provide a set list. Hopefully EddieBobby can provide details later on. I know he (EddieBobby) was pretty happy with the set selection and encore, even though he was a bit bummed Sondre didn’t play “You Know So Well.” From what I hear, Sondre not playing “You Know So Well” is like going to a Kelly Clarkson concert and not hearing “Since You’ve Been Gone.”

When put in that specific context, I completely understand his disappointment. But EddieBobby wasn’t bummed for long as we totally chatted up Sondre post show about his performance and his merchandise. All in all, it was a fun night, even though I’m hungover on a Wednesday. Ugh.

Check out my concert pictures at: Flickr

Videos taken from my phone (LQ):