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Friday Humor: Rap Lyrics Explained

Passed on by a friend, here’s a bunch of rap lyrics explained with charts and graphs. I’ve put one below — see how many you can figure out. Link to rest of charts.



Take One…

I’m exhausted. Spent just about the entire day setting up this blog, but I think I’ve finally worked out the kinks. At least for now.

Usually I don’t dive right into this posting thing without much thought, but the boring, blank page (with my wonderfully positioned sidebar links) was driving me a bit nutty.

Have to admit, didn’t realize it would be so difficult to pick a url name for a blog. I guess I thought I was original enough to come up with something know one has ever thought of before. I was wrong.

Have no fear though, I was able to decide on one that I’m pretty psyched about. So a big “thank you” to all the friends I drove crazy running ideas by all day. It might need a bit of an explanation though. So I’ll do my best.

I’m slightly, ok, majorly , obsessed with Fiona Apple at the moment. Yes, I know, she’s like three albums deep and hasn’t been relevant to the mainstream music scene since ’97, but I just got into her. (Thanks again Mike, Eddie & Paul). It’s more than just her music, I’m addicted to her lyrics. I love the way that Fiona works and re-works phrases until they fit perfectly to create the most succinct, meaningful line possible.

Even before I started this wordpress process, I had decided my blog name would be taken from a song title or lyric, but I wasn’t sure exactly which one I’d use. After tossing around some ideas with Paul, it hit me:

“my method is uncertain/it’s a mess, but it’s working.”

Aside from describing today’s template creation craziness,  this line sums up how I feel about many aspects of my life. Everyone is a work in progress and we all get through the day in different ways. There’s a lot of times where I can’t articulate my approach or the reasons why I do certain things, which might be alarming for some, but it works for me.  I always manage to get things done even if it takes a few steps more or a few detours here and there. That’s sort of the abridged explanation, but given I’ve been staring at this website since 9am this morning, it will have to do.

Thanks for reading, until next time.