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RT: Jimmy Eat World Gets Social

My buddy Luke Armour has written an amazing guest post at The Round Table about Jimmy Eat World integrating social media with their music to engage music fans. Here’s a taste…

A while ago I “became a fan” of Jimmy Eat World on Facebook, which, for many fan sites means absolutely nothing. But Jimmy Eat World actually uses it. The most recent updates focused on the 10th anniversary celebration of their classic album Clarity. For 10 one-time-only shows beginning February 23 in New York City and concluding March 7 in the band’s native Arizona, they played the album in its entirety. What a great way to point out to new fans that you have older stuff worth paying attention to. And the buzz was great, the shows sold out right quick.

Once I realized they were actually talking to me, the fan, it wasn’t long before I started paying attention to them elsewhere. I started following them on Twitter, which, again, for many Twitter accounts means absolutely nothing – except maybe knowing what Jim had for breakfast [yawn]. But this was entertaining, interesting and – as it turns out -informative. I saw this tweet one day:

catch @jimmyeatworld clarity rehearsal live on @ustream this thursday at 1:30 az time

…. be sure to read the rest of the post at The Round Table.


NYC: Sara Bareilles & Tony Lucca…

Wanted to share my recent recap of Tony Lucca and Sara Bareillies performance from last night. Be sure to stop by The Round Table to share your thoughts/comments….

Last night Sara Bareillies brought her “Gravity” tour to New York City’s famed Joe’s Pub for the second show of a three set series. Joe’s Pub is an NYC gem of a venue for music lovers looking to experience a live show in an intimate setting. Bareilles’ stage decor embraced the intimate theme as it resembled a cozy living room, which only enhanced her stripped down, acoustic performance.

I’ve seen Sara Bareillies perform once before at Irving Plaza, but I left that show feeling a bit underwhelmed by her, in hindsight now seeing her at Joe’s, I realize that the Irving Plaza venue didn’t do her much justice.

Bareilles took to the stage around 8p and immediately launched into witty stage banter with the crowd and encouraged a very interactive environment – asking fans to sing along, dance, clap, or just shout things at her – but “no throwing objects, because it hurts.” Bareilles said she liked intimate venues and often treats them as an episode of VH1’s Storytellers, which the crowd got a kick out of. She then talked about feeling guilty for recycling the same jokes from the night before and vowed to give us something different — then launched into a humorous ad-lib teaser of “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor with the help of her immensely talented percussionist (and vocalist) Joshua Day.

Though Bareilles performed the staples of her debut album Little Voice like “Bottle it Up,” “Love Song,” “Vegas,” and “Come Round Soon,” she gave these tracks a fresh twist by re-arranging them to fit with her acoustic backing of guitar player, double bass player, and percussionist as she switched from piano to guitar on occasion. She also mixed in some new material she’s been working on, which has a lot of promise. I’m especially excited for “Gonna Get Over You,” which as Bareilles described it is a song about “depression — which is best encased in a happy sound beat.” Um…I know, right up my alley! My second favorite moment was Bareilles closing out the show with “Gravity” accompanied by herself on piano – absolutely break-taking, no one moved through out the song.

Last night I left with a new respect for Sara Bareillies, realizing she is a true talent. It’s hard to gauge a performer these days because let’s face it – it’s way too easy to make anyone sound good in a recording studio. The true test is seeing someone perform in an acoustic setting – and Sara Bareilles proved she has both the talent as a song-writer and the chops as a singer to play in the big leagues. She’s also pretty wise for selecting Tony Lucca as an opener for her tour.

I’ve talked about Tony in the past quite a bit – so you know how much I adore this man. He’s a true true talent that is deserving of mass attention. I’m thinking he won over quite a few Sara Bareilles fans last night at the show with his inspired performance. Typically a love song kinda guy, Tony went for a more politically fueled performance while working out some new material as well, including “True Story,” which he was stoked is getting spun on Sirius Radio Coffee Shop channel. Thankfully, f he also managed to squeeze in two of my favorite tracks from his older catalogue: “Melancholy Collar,” “Death of Me” and “Pretty Things.”

You can view pictures and clips of last night’s performances at my Flickr page. Set lists below as well as video clips.

Sara Bareillies:
Goodbye Song
Fairytale (aka “Feminist anthem”)
One Sweet Love
Come Round Soon
Bottle it Up
Love Song
Gonna Get Over You
Many the Miles (aka “many the shit”)
Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (U2 cover)
Gravity (solo on piano)

Tony Lucca:
Melancholoy Collar
Close Enough
Giving It All Away
I Can, I Will, I Do
True Story
Death of Me
Pretty Things

Social Media and Music…

Merry Christmas Eve all. This will be a brief post, but wanted to share something pretty cool with you that happened today. I work in digital communications, therefore, I’m (obviously) an advocate of social media and networking with folks via various sites. For the last year or so I’ve been a fairly frequent user of Twitter, a microblogging site.

In the beginning, Twitter was mainly a tool for me to connect with different PR industry folks to stay on top of news, trends, and be part of the overall conversation. By connecting with different people, I was exposed to their web of followers (friends and colleagues), who in turn, I started connecting with as well.

Today, I was corresponding with some folks when I saw a musician named Aaron Zimmer chatting with social media guru Chris Brogan. Aaron was offering up his new album “Live Wires” for free to any and all, so naturally being a music fan, I jumped at the opportunity to download it. Given it was a slow day at the office, I took it one step further and tweeted at Aaron – asking if he’d like to guest blog on The Round Table, a music blog I run with some friends. Aaron graciously accepted my offer (thank you!) and through one quick message we were able to help spread the word about Aaron.

It’s one of those moments where as an advocate of social media you can sit back and smile. Though the ability to connect with someone like Aaron (even Chris Brogan) may have existed just a few years back, it was still fairly unknown, whereas today it’sa more natural occurrence. Pretty cool stuff.

Be sure to check out Aaron’s post at the Round Table as well as visit his personal site: www.aaronzimmer.com

To download Aaron’s new album, visit: http://www.aaronzimmer.com/music/livewires.zip

Janet Set List Posted…

Miss Jackson, it’s been a long time coming (still 2 months out), but I’m ready to Rock With U. Never a Perez Hilton fan, but have to give him some props for somehow obtaining this (alledged) set list for Janet’s upcoming tour. It’s a hand written list, 3 pages long — we’re talking about 30 tracks spanning all Janet eras.

Obviously the set list (as it stands) highlights more of her past hits (If, Rhythm Nation, Control, Alright, That’s The Way Love Goes, Black Cat, Nasty, etc) but she still managed to squeeze in some newer stuff (Feedback, The 1, etc).

Who am I kidding? Janet could stand on stage and not say a word and I’d pay a pretty penny to be there. Needless to say, I’m pretty pumped for this tour. I’m most excited to see her perform “You Want This” off of her Janet (’93) album. The video was pretty sick — don’t believe I’ve ever seen her perform it live so that will be a nice surprise.

So here’s the set list — can’t wait!

Cell phones and Cameras Distract at Concerts…


We all know the cell phone is the new lighter story has been done already. Twice. OK, probably more than twice. Until recently, concert venues were very strict when it came to their camera policies. Now, they’re a little more lax, but really, how can they confiscate a camera when a cell phone has just as many multimedia and flash capabilities?


We’ve all done it at some point. I’m guilty of using  a camera at a concert. I’m also guilty of pulling out a cell phone as well. On occasion, I’ve used both a camera and a cell phone to capture concert moments. Guilty, guilty, guilty.


I never really thought much about it until last night when I attended a concert at Hammerstein Ballroom. Granted, I was pretty bored by the line up — all members of the MTV show “Making the Band,” so I had ample time to reflect upon my actions of the past.


Truth is, last night I took a few pictures and even snapped a quick 15 second video as I do like to have a “memento” of sorts from a concert (even a bad one at that!). But when the house lights went down last night to signal the start of the show, I noticed the venue was completely illuminated. Little blue screens of cell phones and cameras lit the room (see pic above). Friends posing with each other to capture their “experience” while others ready to snapped shots of the performers.


The question is, how much of the concert did those people actually experience? They were so busy snapping and reviewing (a digi cam feature I loathe!) to actually actively engage in the show.


I try not to get bogged down in taking pictures – I’ll snap some either in the beginning or the end – but I won’t keep my finger on the trigger throughout the show. It should be a common courtesy of others too as flashes going off non-stop is very distracting. Besides, music is about the overall experience, giving into the music. How can you possibly enjpy a show while trying to capture the perfect shot?


Not a lecture – as I said, I’m absolutely guilty of this. It’s just funny to me. I’m a huge proponent of technology, but I can’t help but wonder if sometimes it’s ruining some of life’s simplest pleasures….

Ernie Halter: Promotion Using Social Media…

It’s damn well time Method Uncertain shows Ernie Halter some blog love (I’ve personally told him what you’re about to read at a show in NYC not too long ago). For those of you who don’t know who Ernie Halter is (shame on you!), he’s a gifted singer-songwriter from Los Angeles who also happens to be a walking case study for any aspiring musicians looking to grow their fan base. Ernie recognized the power of connectivity, collaboration, and community, but more importantly, he embraced it and put it to work for him.

Over the last year I’ve watched Ernie transition from having a standard website to a developing a full blown promotional assult strategy using social media sites. He has a profile on myspace. He has a profile and multiple fanclubs on Facebook. He’s developed a YouTube Channel, where you can not only SEE his live performances, but also request him to sing/play any song of your choosing. (Ernie’s “Cry Me A River”) . He also gives fans access to exclusive content like studio sessions and video blogs from the road.

He uses Flickr to share photos from performances, the studio, appearances, and just for fun. He encourages fans to submit their pictures of his performances too and posts them. His page also features an assortment of widgets and banner codes for his fans to take as they wish to promote him. He’s got links to purchase and stream his music, not to mention links to join his street team, mailing lists and opt-in to receive SMS/Text messages.

I know what you’re thinking, Ernie is just the pretty voice (and face) while his marketing team handles it all behind the scenes. We’ll, you’re wrong. Ernie is a self-proclaimed geek and really enjoys engaging and interacting with his fans either in person or online. He signs autographs, chats with fans pre and post shows, he’ll take photos of or with you. He’s that accessible, which is refreshing, but also inspiring. He’s building a dedicated fan base by using social media, but also through kindess, which brings loyalty.

Aspring musicians, take notes. He’s that good.

Be sure to check out Ernie at a city near you.

Song Lyric of the Day…

Alright, today’s lyric comes from the talented Mr. A to Z — or Jason Mraz for all you non-music folk. It’s from a song called “Plane,” which is a bittersweet ode to his lady about the dread of leaving her, the guilt of the life he leads, all mixed in with the what ifs of flying. I love this song — even though I hate planes and therefore should avoid listening to it, especially whilst flying. Enjoy.

“I’m leaving your town, again
And I’m over the ground that you’ve been spinning
And I’m up in the air so baby hell yeah
Well honey I can see your house from here
If the plane goes down, damn
I’ll remember where the love was found
If the plane goes down, damn…”