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Polaroid Photos Sans Camera…

I’m jumping on this bandwagon, before the bandwagon even gets built. My Twitter buddy, Yianni Garcia aka Mr. Social Media Guy, blogged about this new application, Poladroid (for macs only!), that will transform your personal pics into digital Polaroids. Seems like a simple enough process, you download the app then drag your image into the virtual Poladroid app on the desktop and let it do all the work. When the image is complete, you’ll be notified. You can also save the new pic as a full size version.


I haven’t tried it yet, my office laptop is windows-based (boo!!), but I plan on DLing Poladroid tonight. Wonder if Andre 3000 can come out with a new single… “drag it, d-d-rag for a Poladroid picture…”

Just kidding.

Check out some of samples of Yianni’s Poladroid Pics.


***update**** DLed Poladroid and I’m in love. Check the pics: