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The Benjy Davis Project “Still Sweet”

Over the weekend a few friends and I headed to Charlotte, NC for a much needed reprieve from NYC. While there, we checked out a pretty sweet roster of singer-song writers at The Evening Muse in downtown Charlotte. Among the performers was The Benjy Davis Project, led by, Benjy Davis (go figure!).

You can check out the full recap of The Benjy Davis Project set as well as Tony Lucca’s (love this man!) at my music site: The Round Table. But, I wanted to share that I picked up the group’s latest cd, Dust, at the show and I’m obsessed with it, especially this one song called “Still Sweet.” Why you ask? Well, because of this perfect little verse:

Just because we had some good times, doesn’t mean I miss them
I’ve been seeing blue skies every day
But I guess the truth of the matter is that I’ve been madder at you than you’ve been at me
I’m still bitter
And you’re still sweet

Um… can we say perfection? Well, almost perfect, I can’t say that you’re “still sweet,” but I’m most definitely still bitter. Listen to the full track below.


Song Lyric of the Day…

Alright, today’s lyric comes from the talented Mr. A to Z — or Jason Mraz for all you non-music folk. It’s from a song called “Plane,” which is a bittersweet ode to his lady about the dread of leaving her, the guilt of the life he leads, all mixed in with the what ifs of flying. I love this song — even though I hate planes and therefore should avoid listening to it, especially whilst flying. Enjoy.

“I’m leaving your town, again
And I’m over the ground that you’ve been spinning
And I’m up in the air so baby hell yeah
Well honey I can see your house from here
If the plane goes down, damn
I’ll remember where the love was found
If the plane goes down, damn…”

Song Lyric of the Day…

Extra special song lyric post today — as it comes from Mike, my music guru. It comes from the Beastie Boys’ “Intergalactic” off their album Hello Nasty. Check it out below. Go watch the video here.

“I’ll stir fry you in my wok….”


Song Lyric of the Day…

Today’s song lyric of the day honor goes to the talented Fiona Apple. There’s so many great choices as she’s one of the most prolific song writers of my generation, but I had to lean towards a favorite. This one is from her 2nd album “When The Pawn….” The song is called “On The Bound” and it’s wonderful so give it a listen.

“It’s true, I do imbue my blue, unto myself

I make it bitter…”


Song Lyric of the Day…

Music is a big part of my life and I’m surrounded by it. I’m constantly listening to music either on an ipod, computer, tv, radio, or any other type of player. When I’m not listening to music then I’m talking about it. If I’m not talking about it, then you better believe there’s some song stuck on repeat in my brain playing over and over.

I realized I don’t write about music much on this blog — probably because I save that for the Roundtable blog, but I decided I wanted to incorporate music on here somehow. After all, this blog is titled after a song lyric. Each day I’ll put a “Song Lyrics of the Day” post up, which will be lyrics of a song that I’m currently listening to or is just stuck in my head for no reason.

Today’s lyric is from Sara Bareilles “Bottle It Up.” Enjoy!

“…started as a flicker meant to be a flame

skin has gotten thicker, but it burns the same

still a baby in a cradle got to take my first fall

baby’s getting next to nowhere with her back against the wall…”