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Funny Blogs. Read These!…

Just wanted to share 3 blogs that provide pure entertainment throughout the day. The writers quick, witty posts are a nice change to all the mainstream news and industry blogs I read during the day. So if any officemates hear me chuckle from time to time, it’s a safe bet I’m reading one of these blogs: 

Too Much Teeth

Blog de la Revolucion

Chew the Chub 

Keep the hysterical posts coming, ya’ll!!


Cadbury Mini Eggs & The Dootz…

On January 29th, the folks at Too Much Teeth broke the exciting news: Cadbury Mini Eggs had hit the shelves.

Though no photographic evidence was provided, TMT’s editorial staff (Big Green and AP) assured their faithful readers that Dina aka “the Dootz” was a trusworthy source for news, especially when it came to the tiny candy coated yummies. The Dootz allegedly spotted them at a local NYC Duane Reade, yet opted not to purchase them. Suspicious if you ask me, but just the beginning…

Later that day, Chew The Chub, based out of Boston, jumped on the Cadbury Mini Egg bandwagon, further adding to the hysteria. Jack Skellington, herself, set out on an all out egg hunt that stretched across state lines to find the Easter treats; but to no avail.

Perhaps the Dootz had jumped the gun? Perhaps she was just toying with everyone’s emotions? But then…

After about a week, Jack Skellington hit the jackpot at a local CVS. She saw an entire display dedicated to the Cadbury Mini Eggs. Overwhelmed with excitement, she purchased three bags for safekeeping.

The Doot’z luck had changed too. Late on February 5th, I received a text message from her. No words, just a picture…


Finally, photographic evidence that said candies really do exist. Naturally, the next morning I began a search for my very own bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs. I visited 5, yes, 5 CVS stores all in different towns, but not one of them had the candies in stock. A cruel joke, perhaps?

I told the Dootz and Jack Skellington of my failed attempts at purchasing the mini eggs. Jack naturally mocked me and sent me sarcastic IMs while consuming the tasty treats. The Dootz, however, being a good egg herself, showed compassion.

Nay, she showed more than compassion and opened her wallet. Today, I received the most glorious gift ever from the Dootz.


That’s right 4, count them 4 lovely bags of CaburyMini Eggs (2 milk and 2 dark) purely for my consumption. Having these yummy treats in my hands, I can finally say with authority: YES THEY DO EXIST